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P U R D U E  U N I V E R S I T Y

About SCAN

Our project has been focused on a scanning system to track bicycle congestion on campus, as well as track employees of Purdue whom bike to work, the focus of our stakeholders also is a towards bikers. By amassing vast and current data about bike traffic, Purdue would be able to better plan bike paths as well as justify the costs of installing new or better paths for bikers to use. Employees could also be compensated for exercising a healthy lifestyle and going ‘green’. 

As of most recently, we have designed RFID scanners to read tags which will be placed on bikes and then transmit this data to our base station and effectively our website. The RFID scanners can be placed along current bike paths to read tags of passing bikes.  

Image by Tiard Schulz

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701 W Stadium Ave 2000 

West Lafayette, IN 47907

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